Kaori Therapy Tokyo

Kaori Therapy Tokyo

Hi, I'm Kaori!

One thing that I have always cherish is family. When I was young, I really loved my mother's smile while I massaged her, and that leads me into the relaxation and therapy industry. I give a session to my clients like they are my family. I also discovered that I could help other therapists who face many challenges every day with my unique products and services. To support this family of therapists and clients, I created Kaori Therapy Tokyo.



Home Spa

Home Spa

For your "My Day"
Let's make your own private spa at home
・ +2,000yen for train expenses
・ for woman or family only

Massage at the salon

Massage at the salon

Enjoy our session at the salon in Tokyo/Yokohama
・ Shinjuku
・ Nishi eifuku
・ Yokohama

Online Lesson

Online Lesson

Enjoy Self-care with online.
・ Self-strech and massage lesson
・Family massage / Pair massage Lesson
・Group lesson


Deep tissue Session

・Dry massage includes
Chiropractic/Thai massage stretch/Tok sen

(Each course will be customized for your body condition)

60 Minutes
7,000 yen
90 Minutes
9,000 yen
120 Minutes
12,000 yen

Aroma oil Session

・Oil massage includes
Aroma oil massage/Chiropractic/Thai massage stretch/ Tok sen

(Each course will be customized for your body condition)

60 Minutes
10,000 yen
90 Minutes
13,000 yen
120 Minutes
16,000 yen

Community & Partnership

Support Japanese Therapists

Please join my community to help Japanese therapists who want to improve English.
We love to have communication in English and learning different culture.

I organize
Sunday Language Exchange (Japanese ✖ English )
Seasonnal Event (Online)


Geranium Geranium
2022, Mar 3

Geranium has such a beautiful aroma and strength for surviving. I was so surprised to find small babies even into a flower pot! I really love this aroma, it makes me elegant fee…

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Partnership with Kaorito Partnership with Kaorito
2022, Feb 28

Amazing miracle happened to me this beginning of 2022!! I'm grateful to have a partnership with fantastic Japanese original essential oil brand "Kaorito" from now! "Kaori" means…

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What my client says:

You can see more on my instagram account : @kaori_therapy_tokyo


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